SoundBox 3.1

Tunes in and configures online radio streams
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Listen to online radio streams and see statistical data on the signal, share the translation with other users and manage the real-time content. The suite offers public, private and technical processing templates, offline and online access modes, etc.

Soundbox is a radio system application addon for IP.Board. Allows your users to see various stats for the current connected stream and listen to your radio station via the community. Features: Public; Board index panel hook error, offline & online templates
Global flash player with option of skins in AdminCP settings; Public template tab content (Under Construction); Set your own custom messages for each template on the board index panel; Listen link buttons below the stats on board index panel; Current Dj, Current Song, Current Genre, Current Bitrate, Total Listeners, Most Listeners, Content-Type, Average Listen Time stats in board index panel.

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